Off The Beaten Track

7 Reasons You Should Take up Running

We all know that staying fit and ensuring we’re healthy is part and parcel of living a good life. Taking care of your body goes hand in hand with taking care of your money. However, if you’re slightly cash strapped because you’re trying to fix your finances, you health shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Running is a great way to to stay in shape and it doesn’t dent your pocket like a gym membership would. You might need a little motivation to actually begin running, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 really good reasons why you should start running.



  1. Save money: We’ve mentioned this but it bears repeating. Running will cost you no more than a pair of really good running shoes and running gear so that you don’t have to run in your high school hockey shorts and free Vodacom t-shirts. But even if you do, that’s OK. You don’t have to pay a monthly membership fee. Find a running club in your neighbourhood (they’re everywhere).
  2. Improve your core strength and stamina: Running works your core and this in turn improves how you go about carrying out daily activities. It’s also great knowing that you won’t pass out after a 20 metre sprint. Stamina combats fatigue, and it helps you keep going, er, if you know what we mean…
  3. Running is good for your heart: While we cannot guarantee that it’ll save you from chest pains induced by heart break music, we’re certain running is good for your heart’s health. Your cardiovascular system will thank you later in life.
  4. Natural high: Feeling stressed, anxious or sad? Running releases endorphins, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland which makes you happy. Think of having Pharell’s happy bursting from within. Or…not. You get the point. It’s also great for taking your mind off things, and clearing your thoughts when you’re feeling panicked or anxious.
  5. Strong bones: Running is a weight-bearing exercise thus strengthening your bones. You also put off the onset of osteoporosis and, by extension, cranky knee joint complaints. (Remember your parents? Yes.)
  6. Blissful Sleep: Insomniacs might want to take up running because it will help you sleep better. Research has shown that runners not only sleep better, but they sleep longer. Kiss 2 am showers goodbye!
  7. Weight-Loss: Perhaps the most obvious reason to take up running is to lose weight. Running is great because you get to work on your entire body. Pair it up with a well balanced diet (NOT chocolate in both hands) and you’re well on your way to being a fitter, slimmer you.

There are other benefits to running like making friends (running clubs) and being that annoying person with Nike running stats every day – not to mention killing it when you drag sexy back from wherever it’s gone. However, before you hit the road make sure you’ve chosen the right shoes for running. You don’t wan’t to injure yourself. Find a safe place to run if you’re going to run alone.

In the wise words of Princess Riri “run, run, run, run, run, everybody move, run…” So, what are you waiting for?

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