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Piggie Bookshelf: Become Your Own Financial Advisor by Warren Ingram

There’s something empowering about taking charge of one’s finances, no matter how chaotic your finances may look initially. It’s not so much a “quick fix” but rather a long-term plan. Owning one’s finances is a way of life, and we should approach it as such.

Which is why we highly recommend that you get your hands on  Become Your Own Financial Advisor by Warren Ingram. There isn’t a quick way to turn around finance. Wealth isn’t created or acquired in a matter of months. Warren Ingram maps out the road to financial freedom, from debt recovery to building a successful investment portfolio.

Become Your Own Financial Advisor walks you through investment options and defines those investment terms beginner investors might struggle with, like unit trusts, ETFs, diversification, etc. Warren touches on investment risks, the value of finding the right investment to suite your goals and explores taxes, outlining the benefits (or lack thereof) of “tax saving” investments. He gives sound advice on property investment and what one should consider before buying property. For those who have dependents and assets, he outlines the importance of having a will, and right at the end of the book tackles financial blunders among other things.

By all means, this is a book you should have if you’re interested in getting your financial matters in order, and seeing your money grow. Warren Ingram is pretty straight forward in his investment advice, and has the experience to back it up. This is in no way a “How to Guide” but most certainly makes you get up and find out more about making money work for you.

Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House

Title: Become Your Own Financial Advisor

Author: Warren Ingram

Price: R206.00 at Exclusive Books (available online)

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