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Piggie Bookshelf: Jillian Howard’s ‘Best Pocket Guide Ever’ series

We’re in love with Jill Howard’s pocket guides because they’re easy to understand, relevant and straight to the point. The series consists of four guides for debt elimination, retirement, insurance and investing.

The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Debt Elimination


If you’re on a mission to get rid of all your debt and want to know how best to approach this process, this little picket guide is exactly what you need. This pocket guide will help you map out a full picture of where you are financially, prioritise what needs to be paid first and give you a few methods you can use to get rid of your debt efficiently. You’ll also learn how to draw up a budget that is easy to stick to (we love a good budgeting guide).


Price: R104

Author: Jill Howard


The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Wealth-Building Investment



Another area a lot of people are confused about. Investing terminology can be very intimidating and people tend to be put off by anything they don’t understand. This book dismisses the myth that one has to be rich in order to invest. You learn the basics of investing, the importance of time, patience and diversification when investing just to name a few. The idea behind this book is simple: financial freedom is possible with a healthy investment portfolio.


Price: R104

Author: Jill Howard


The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Minimising Insurance

9781770226852-min insureInsurance. A lot of us cringe at having to dish up money every month just in case something happens to us or our possessions. Yet living without insurance is never smart because you never know what could happen. That said, you don’t have to pay ridiculous amount of money to ensure your protection. This book helps you have an objective look at both short and long term insurance and how to identify a plan that works well with your budget.


Price: R104

Author: Jill Howard


The Best Pocket Guide Ever for a Financially Secure Retirement

9781770226821 - fin secureWe highly recommend this pocket guide to everyone, regardless of how old you are. The truth is, not many people want to think about retirement until retirement is a few years away. The best time to plan for retirement was yesterday. It’s never too early to plan ahead and this pocket guide shows you how to start saving for retirement whether you’re a full-time employee or entrepreneur. It addresses saving on an erratic income, something a lot of freelancers will appreciate.


Price: R104

Author: Jill Howard

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