Off The Beaten Track

Piggie Bookshelf: Starting Your Own Business in South Africa

written by Kirk Illetschko and Bob Power, edited by Eric Parker

Starting your own business can be scary. It’s a leap of faith, going your idea and turning it into a tangible and prifitable business entity. More and more people are turning to entrepreneurship as technology and the internet, among other things, makes it fairly easy to start a business. Whether it’s by providing you with information regarding the industry you want to venture into or a platform, the power of the internet in revolutionising the way we conduct business cannot be underestimated.

While the internet is full of a lot of information, sifting and sorting through all of it to find relevant information might be quite a mission. Which is why we love Starting Your own Business in South Africa is a simple easy to follow guide to help you realise your entrepreneurial dreams.

The book is covers three section: starting your own business from scratch, buying a franchise or  buying another business (that isn’t a franchise). Each one of these requires a different approach and this book gives you a great outline of the types of questions you should ask, forms you need to fill in and  what you need to be aware of in terms of legal implications and  regulations surrounding your particular business. There’s also a great section to help you deal with preparing your family for the changes that will come with having a business.

This book is great to help you with laying a solid foundation for your business. It’ll help you navigate the administrative hiccups you may face so that you can focus on the other aspects of growing your business.


Price: R144.00

Authors: Kirk Illetscheko and Bob Power

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