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Piggie Bookshelf: How to Build a Billion Dollar App by George Berkowski

We live in a time where most of anything we do, be it communication, banking, or hailing a cab, is done on our cell phones. We cannot deny the huge impact apps have on our daily lives. How to Build a Billion dollar app might seem like a bit of a stretch but do don’t discount this fantastic book. George Berkowski divides this book into two parts to help you through the process.

Part 1: Dream big – This is obviously the most important part. You can’t be afraid to dream bid and wild. In the tech world, anything is possible.

Part 2: The Journey – assembling your team, validating the product and funding are addressed in Step 1 [The Million Dollar App] of part 2. Step 2 [The Ten Million Dollar App] is all about product and market fit and more funding. Step 3 [The Hundred Million Dollar App] focuses on revenue, user reach and even more funding (series B). Step 4 [The Five Hundred Million Dollar App] zooms in on scaling and series C funding. Step 5 is the ‘The Promised Land’: The Billion Dollar App. (In case you haven’t noticed, there is A LOT of fundraising to be done. A lot.)

There’s a practical way in which Berkowski lays out the process, it’s easy to read and not fraught with tech jargon. You may not necessarily want to build a billion dollar app, but if you need simple steps to help you setup your own app, this book is for you. It isn’t a technical ‘how to’ guide but you’ll get a very good idea of all the factors you need to consider, like whether you’re designing an app for an Apple or Android device and how this simple choice will affect design and how you test usability.

This is a fantastic guide for tech heads and a fascinating read for anyone who has an interest in web and mobile app development.


















Price: R297.00

Author: George Berkowski

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