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For the Novice Investor: How to handle a market crash

September 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

A few weeks ago China, with the second buggest economy in the world, came down with a serious bout of flu which sent trading floors across the world into a tailspin. Despite conventional wisdom consistently telling us that markets will rise and fall, you’d think experience would have taught us how to behave when markets go haywire, but the rate at which people tossed shares out of their portfolios tells you otherwise. Anytime stock markets go through a period of intense volatility you really [...]

10 things my father taught me about finances (Part 1) by Kelly Ansara

May 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

“If you look after your money, it’ll look after you” – Russell Ansara (My Dad)  When it comes to money I am the worst. I would rather start a cold war in the Democratic Republic of Congo with no artillery than balance a check book – dramatic, I know, but have you tried balancing a check book? And, most likely, the profound reason my Dad was so adamant I do right by my money.   Now let me fill you in on my financial context: I am 26 years old, I still live at home, I have a [...]